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Ahoge - 4'' of stiff hair that clips in to any wig base or your real hair.

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Ahoge - 4'' of stiff hair that clips in to any wig base or your real hair.

Ahoge literally means foolish or stupid hair.  It is a is a visual cue common to Japanese anime and manga. An ahoge is the single lock of hair sticking out from the top of the head and is most often used to identify silly or carefree characters. Add some cuteness to your cosplay with this simple clip-in extension!

Actual wig color may vary slightly due to differences in monitor calibration. Product details are approximated.

  • Color
    Amber Blond (86/88), Amethyst Purple (STFP20/T2410/T2512B), Aqua Green (TF2513), Auburn Brown (30), Autumn Orange (RED/TF2201), Buttercream Blond (60/T0809/T5404), Butterscotch Blond (88/144/18), Carnation Pink (T2311/TF2317/TF2403B), Cerulean Blue (T4330), Chocolate Brown (6B), Cinnamon and Nutmeg Brown (18/10), Cool Gray (1001A/1001/T3904), Copper Brown (T2735), Coral Pink (T2312), Cotton Candy Pink (T2333), Crimson Red (T1557), Cucumber Green (T5919), Daffodil Yellow (T0848/88/T0852), Deep Pink (T2314), Eggplant Purple (T2404/T3737/3), Emerald Green (STFG43), Espresso Brown (M2/6/10B), Flaxen Blond (88), Forest Green (T2610), Fuschia Pink (TF2405), Golden Blond (T0848), Grape Purple (T1612), Hazelnut Brown (26), Holly Green (T4735/BD/T5914), Honey Blond (144/T0935/144B), Hot Pink (TF2315), Indigo Purple (T2410), Jade Green (T2608), Lavender Purple (T3815), Lilac Purple (T3904/T3612), Light Pink (TF2317), Lime Green (TF2605), Maple Brown (130/T1630/T1374), Midnight Blue (T2511), Milk Tea Brown (24), Mint Green (T5507/T5412), Mohagany Brown (T2315), Natural Black (1B), Navy Blue (1B/T2512), Orange Sherbert (T2201/T1064), Peach Bellini (T1344), Peacock Blue (TF2512), Plum Purple (T3737), Royal Blue (T2512), Rustic Red (T1557/118/T1338), Saxe Blue (T4020), Scarlet Red (RED), Seafoam Green (T5126), Silver Gray (1001A), Sky Blue (TF2513B), Slate Gray (171), Snow White (1001), Strawberry Blond (88/T2333), Sunshine Yellow (T2104), Teal Green (T5126/T5127/TF2512), Turquoise Blue (T4330/T4440/TF2512), Viridian Green (BD), Select a Color...