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Our Ayumi wig showcases layers of curls with bangs that may be swept to whichever side best suits you! This is one of our bestsellers and is offered in tons of solid and multi-color options. This style is perfect if you want to see how you would look with long, voluminous curls and colors you may not want to go to a salon for!

Product Details

- Fiber: synthetic

- Heat resistance: up to 350 degrees F

- Wig cap circumference: adjustable between 18.5 inches to 27 inches

- Measurements from where the wig parts:

Full length: 30 inches curled

Layered lengths: 18 inches, 22 inches, 26 inches curled

- Bang / Fringe length: 10 inches

- Part style: adjustable

- Sewn in combs: one at the center of the forehead

Actual wig color may vary slightly due to differences in monitor calibration. Product details are approximated.

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  • Color
    Select a color..., Auburn Brown (30), Berry Blend (4color2), Berry and Chocolate Blend (-5color13), Chocolate Brown (6b), Bold Multi-Colored Mixed Blend (5color1), Butterscotch Blond Blend (88-144-18), Celestia Blend (4color), Cinnamon Roll Blend (5color14), Copper Brown (t2735), Cosmic Blend (kl610-5color11), Cotton Candy Pink (t2333), Coral Pink (t2312), Crimson Red (t1557), Dark Rainbow Blend (7color-1b), Deep Pink (t2314), Emerald Green (stfg43), Fiery Blend (3colors), Flaxen Blond (88), Forest Green (t2610), Golden Blond (t0848), Hazelnut Brown (26), Hot Pink (tf2315), Indigo Purple (t2410), Jade Green (t2608), Lavender Purple (t3815), Lime Green (t2605), Mermaid Blend (5color12), Midnight Blue (t2511), Milk Tea Brown (24), Mint Green (t5412-t5507), Natural Black (1b), Ocean Blend (5color9), Opal Blend (5color10), Orange Sherbert (tf2201-t1064), Pastel Blend with Natural Black Highlights (5color2), Pastel Rainbow Blend (5colors), Patriotic Blend (red-1001-t251), Peach Bellini (t1344), Peacock Blend (5color7), Peacock Blue (tf2512), Plum Purple (t3737), Rainbow Blend (7color), Raving Blend (5color6), Royal Blue (t2512), Saxe Blue (t4020), Scarlet Red (red), Seafoam Green (t5126), Silver Gray (1001a), Sky Blue (tf2513b), Slate Gray (171), Snow White (1001), Strawberry Blond (88-t2333), Viridian Green (bd), Neon Rainbow Blend (5color3)

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